[SOLVED]I need a bit of help to make a Battlerite installer

I tried the battlerite installer in the website as well as running it through proton. In both cases, the game either goes extremely slow and/or crashes when trying to launch the game. I noticed this is happening to a lot of people so i worked on a solution.

-I noticed that the crash was caused by “steamnetworkingsockets.dll”, located in “steamapps/common/Battlerite/Battlerite_Data/plugins” folder. Removing this file makes the game go incredibly faster and removes the crashes, but increases the latency(ping) and removes all the matchmaking servers, making it unplayable except for single player mode.

-Finally, i reached a SOLUTION:
-Simply starting the steam runner, and then installing and running the game from there (in DX9 mode) was enough to fix most of the issues. The game runs perfectly smooth except for the chat and some texts that are invisible (for that, you have to install the required windows fonts on the wine prefix. I did so using winetricks).

So i wanted to set up (or edit) an installer script to help other people out, but i’m not very familiar yet with it, so i need your help:

-First, i would want to know if there is a variable for refering to the winesteam prefix, so i can use that to tell the installer that the game must be installed in the same wine prefix as winesteam for it to work.

-Second, i’d want to know if there is a way to call winetricks and tell it to install the fonts from the installer script. And if not, how could i download and copy the necessary font files to the wine prefix. (in the drive_c/windows/Fonts/ folder)

I think those two changes are enough to fix the issues with the game. Thanks for your help!

SOLVED: I already found out how to do it and the new installer has been submitted and approved.