Solved | How do I make apps I installed in the Ubuntu store appear in Lutris

I recently installed Lutris and tried to use it to organize all my games on one platform.
Lutris automatically detected all my steam games when I loaded them but when I started my Ubuntu store apps nothing happened. how do I fix this?

Sounds like import them into the Linux runner. Not sure where the Ubu store puts its stuff, but I’m guessing that would be fairly easy to find out…

they should show up in your main application start menu thingie, and if they do, importing them via the “Desktop games” import option should “just work”.
go to the import dialog via the lutris main menu, then switch on “Desktop games” (or rather just switch on all of them because why not) and click the sync buttons.
you might have to restart lutris afterwards because sometimes it doesn’t show the new games instantly after syncing.

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Never mind I just launched them through steam.