[SOLVED] How do I force a game to run on OpenGL?

I’ve been trying to get DirectX to work for my game, but after looking everywhere, I’ve given up and will now try to attempt OpenGL. I want to know the argument that forces the game to run on OpenGL.

For anyone who wants to know, the log is info: Game: deadcells.exe info: DXVK: v2.3 info: Vulkan: Found vkGetInstanceProcAddr in winevulkan.dll @ 0x78ae37d0 info: Built-in extension providers: info: Win32 WSI info: OpenVR info: OpenXR info: OpenVR: could not open registry key, status 2 info: OpenVR: Failed to locate module info: Required Vulkan extension VK_KHR_surface not supported err: DxvkInstance: Required instance extensions not supported err: D3D11CreateDevice: Failed to create a DXGI factory

and also, that I’ve already disabled the options that enable DXVK and VKD3D, and used -force-opengl already but doesn’t do anything and still gives the error that appears when DirectX is used.

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Good news! I’ve fixed DirectX and OpenGL works too now, after installing some packages from the github links. Took a bit more to fix my audio, but everything works like a dream.

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