[Solved] How do I add more detailed information to a game?

A few days ago I added the game Digital Paintball 2 to the Lutris database and two installers for it. While adding the game, I filled out all the input boxes with their appropriate information. However, it’s still missing a small icon and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything and is released under GPLv2.
How do I add that information? Some other games have all that but I can’t find a way to add it on the website. I’m probably missing something obvious, but I’d be happy if someone can help me here :sweat_smile:

I think only admin or moderator could change it I also have many games on itch I would like to add a free or a demo is there.

Yup point me to them and I’ll be sure to add these soon.

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I see you’ve added the tags already. Thank you very much.
Here’s the icon:

By the way, this game is fully libre. Their entire code is available in the CVS repository of their sourceforge page

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