SOLVED //How can I modify my e-mail address please?

I have no idea where this position should go.

If I get it in the wrong place, I apologize.

But I’ve got to change my email.

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On the forum? See up at the top right of the page, there should be an icon with your avatar. This will bring up a menu that shows some of your forum activity, but at the top of that there’s a row of icons. The one on the right, with a little head and shoulders icon,. is Preferences. This brings up another stupid little menu with Preferences in it.

Shit I’ve been in there (I always look to make sure I know how to get to profile settings and such in a forum type thing) but never had cause to change it… it seems it’s not active. It says “Email can be updated from authentication provider. Never shown to the public.”

I guess I must have said “sign in with Google” or something.

I don’t like that, I find it offensive even. That’s MY profile data. If I can’t change that I’m going to delete the cookies and not come back.

Edit: See posts further down. (it’s me not understanding/remembering how it works)

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@ hay brother how is Life ?

No, I have been there and there is no option to change or add an email
the problem the other one is deleted and I forgot to do this before I deleted it

Yeah, see edits in my post. I’ve hit that brick wall too.

This forum may not actually have its own authentication, I can’t see myself saying “sign in with Google”. I just use the gmail address as a garbage collector, I don’t even check it. If I think of it (several months) I’ll go in there and select all and clear everything lol

I’m still looking into this, it may be possible to do something in my Google profile.

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:v: :slight_smile:

According to my Google Profile, under Security, I have no linked services and I’m not signing into anything with Google.

That’s not good, been there before many times; lol

Here’s what’s going on. There is supposed to be a wrench icon beside the primary email in Discourse Preferences here.

I think possibly the administrator has disabled it.

How is a user supposed to update their email when they no longer have access to an old account? That seems pretty retarded.

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Yes I was Looking for that

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The wrench is not there

From reading, what’s more likely happening is that they are using “SSO” (single sign-on) for Discourse (essentially outsourcing logins to another provider… like “DiscourseConnect”.

yeah, then days go by and you think ok, and everything is ok
And you end up forgetting your password
That’s what happens to me all the time


This is bullshit… I can’t even log out. If I do, clicking Login again just logs me in without even prompting for credentials. I tried closing the browser to kill active sessions too. I’d have to delete cookies to clear this, and I don’t want to (I’d have to sign back in to all my forums etc.)

So any jackass could come to someone’s computer and log into Discourse here after someone logs out? And you can’t even change things because it’s on some central server that we don’t have access to.

Oh fucklesticks… I figured it out.

We’re in the wrong place. We can’t change this in the forum settings, we have to go to the Lutris main page and use the “user” icon. THAT is the autentication provider.

I always feel silly when I rant brimstone and fire and then figure something out like this lol

P.S. The forum logout thing makes sense in context of this too, because I’m STILL logged on at this site.

So on the Lutris main site to the immediate right of the Search field at the top, there is a “user icon” that leads to (for me)

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OMG It took me a while to find that
So go to avatar then profile then settings lol

Thanks man, I got
:v: :slight_smile:

ur the man man :slight_smile:

Every time I try to confirm my email address

I get an error.
But as long as admin knows my situation, we are good.

Crap… I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about that on our end.

If, by “the admin knows the situation” you mean you got a message that the admin has been notified, don’t hold your breath. The admin would have to notice it in the queue of related email notifications (there could be a lot of notification/warning emails, like every time there’s a script or db error or some search engine bot hits some link they aren’t supposed to etc.)

It’s probably been broken like this for a long time. I saw complaints about this very thing while searching for similar miseries today, but thought it was just site misconfigurations.

Actually that just worked for me.

I changed my email address (to my real one lol… I’m a member here for a while now, there’s no need for throwaways) and got sent a confirmation link to the new email (I had to click a link on the site to send one though, it informed me it wasn’t activated) and the token worked.