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[SOLVED] Horizon Zero Dawn with Epic Games Store doesn't start


I bought from EGS the game Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.
After installing, the game doesn’t start. Find here the output of lutris -d

In this lines, I saw an error with mfc140.dll, I didn’t see anything on this forum about mfc140.dll :confused:

If someone can help me to resolve my issue, please ?

thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved by using winetricks to add the mfc140.dll to the wineprefixe of Epic Games Launcher.

hm… i guess you installed it in wine but how was it manuel installe in a new wine folder or the Epic script

also games like this is always best to get on steam if you have that it run like a dream on it.

the log dont say what OS you have you could try to install DVXK and Winetricks
if you have debian then it looks like this.
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install DVXK
sudo apt install Winetricks

and download proton-qt from appstore and download the lates Wine-GE to Lutris.

you could also try this if you havent

Thanks for your answer.

I solved my problem ! I used winetricks to add the mfc140.dll in the WINEPREFIX of the Epic Game Launcher and now the game start. The videos inside the game are laggy, but its another problem.

you also need to downgrade the game since the last update broke the game on Linux so grass and trees and like are flickering.

look at the end of my vidoe to see what i talk about.