[SOLVED]Horizon Zero Dawn - GOG Version

Hello community,

does anybody successfully run the GOG Version of Horizon Zero Dawn and can give me some tips?

kind regards

Just today I got it working. Not the way I’ve expected to but still :slightly_smiling_face:

So, first I installed GoG Galaxy from Lutris. And then I installed Horizon Zero Dawn from the GoG launcher. Just finished playing a 3 hour session - that game is awesome!
From my point of view this is a workaround but it works for me.


  • I’m launching GoG first and from there I start HZD
  • audio issues are present for me (audio is faster than the animations)
  • So far no crashes


  • Using the install script only for HZD results some weird error on launch and I’m not sure why
  • Investigate the error and the install scripts for GoG Galaxy/ Horizon Zero Dawn (GoG version)

Thanks a lot, installing GOG-Galaxy through Lutris didn’t cross my mind :sweat_smile:

HZD runs now but unfortunately it crashes after a few seconds :thinking:

I’m with RX6800 running Manjaro and open source drivers.

What system are you running it on?

AMD R590X with the amdgpu driver on openSUSE Tumbleweed

I don’t have anything here but had looked at this game before and a few big ticket items are the AMD driver along with the type because there’s radv and other ways to go, and then the proton-vkd3d version. These are the biggest things involved in getting the game to run.

Lutris automatically installs the proton-vkd3d and gets used automatically with the dxvk/vkd3d setting enabled. So if that’s enabled then the AMD driver install is possibly highest reason for failure. Wine version and other stuff possibly likely but should be less so.

Good point, I will try it with the amdvlk driver. As far as I now, I can switch between the radv and amdvlk driver after the installation by changing an environment variable. How lutris notices, that i’am running the amdvlk driver?

A few observations with my setup:

  • After I close HZD, follow up startups will result in an error (crash at launch)
  • I need to verify/ fix HZD from GoG Galaxy to resolve the startup error -> sometimes it takes a couple of tries

Maybe that’s the problem you are experiencing?

Okay, it seems to run fine now. I switched to DXVK Version 1.8.1L. I had to delete the dxvk_versions.json to make dxvk 1.8.1L selectable, I dont’t no why. The last issue is to make my controller (XBOX 360) working XD.

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