[SOLVED - GPU hardware issue] HOTS "connecting..." graphics glitch

From what otherwise seems a perfect experience, my Blizzard Heroes of the Storm graphics glitch out on the ‘Connecting…’ screen after 5-10s.

lutris-issue-report: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9dsstdZjqp/
debug logs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VcdhPrjw82/

If I toggle the Enable VK3D/DXVK switches then it’ll freeze at the same point on the ‘Connecting…’ screen instead of the visual glitches:

It gets stuck at this screen. Prior to debugging If I toggle various settings then I don’t experience this issue and the menus seem perfect, but the moment a game starts the glitches come back.

I’ve tested with CSGO on linux steam. The game works very well, but on death when the camera focus the body the bars appear (and it freezes) for 10-15s then everything goes back to normal.

Would this be an Nvidia driver issue? The card is new, could it be a hardware issue? I’m unsure how to check

This turned out to be a hardware issue with the GPU