[SOLVED] Games Don't Launch

Hi there,
I’ve been using lutris for a while now on Arch but after an update (idk when) lutris dosen’t want to launch any games (native, proton and wine)

I use anaconda as a python environment manager.

I’ve narrowed it down to _collections_abc.py (line 12) being the problem (python3.9)

I reinstalled lutris, both git and official versions but its still the same

Issue Report
lutris-d (tried lauching minecraft(multi-mc) and staisfactory(proton/steam))

Any help would be great :smiley:

According to lutris -d the _collections_abc.py (line 12 is: (most recent call last). Since its last, that was the most recent call. That code originates from the top which is File "/usr/lib/python3.9/site.py", line 73, in <module> import os

Looks like what is causing it to fail is Fatal Python error: init_import_size: Failed to import the site module which is the site.py line above.

That error looks like it might be a Python installation issue or some sort of includes issue or something and maybe Lutris needs to deal with it but I’m not sure.

I did just do a test with Python 3.9.4 and Lutris git pull just now along with a game using wine-staging and it worked so it might just be your Python installation.

Thanks for the help :DD

I realised that anaconda (installed in /opt) was being found first before /usr/bin and appending the default path to /etc/environment made it work