[Solved] Fallout 4 glitching

Thanks to Lutris I got fallout 4 running in linux.
However, when you turn left and right the video skips and is somewhat glitchy.
Using wine-staging 3.12 and dxvk 0.63.
Any suggestions?


Did you try running the game with minimal features and then turning them on one by one? The installer says DON’T try god rays, but maybe there’s another feature which makes the game skippy.

I had to disable a certain level of antialiasing in one game to make it no sutter, for example.

thanks, I’ll give that a try.
I did turn godrays off.
I will start with the lowest settings and work my way up.

lowest settings.
mouse movement causes screen to jump excessively.
move a little, end up turned around 180 degrees.

seems to be a mouse sensitivity issue.
no luck fixing it yet, but i think that is the problem.

I reinstalled the whole game using the lutris website install button. It is perfect now.
No mouse or sound issues.
I was unaware that lutris had such buttons.

I don’t understand. How did you say

Thanks to Lutris I got fallout 4 running in linux.

and now you say

I was unaware that lutris had such buttons


Did you manually install the game and add it to Lutris? Well… Lutris is made to give people pre-tested install scripts from other users and make life easier.

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