[SOLVED] Fallout 3(steam). Crash on start


I’m experiencing some issues trying to start fallout 3 on my system, and I have a feeling it might have to do with my ryzen cpu as the game doesn’t seem to happy about multiple cores?

Tested gallium-nine, ge-wine, and the one in the installer provided on lutris.net. None of them brings me any closer.

The only error I seem to receive doesn’t really tell me much either:
mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory
mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory
GLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library during ‘malloc’: Operation not permitted. Aborting.

EDIT: The launcher starts though, but that’s all :frowning:

Resolve on Ubuntu 18.04 with:
sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-good:i386 gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly:i386

Thank you. I had the same issue as you described and your solution fixed it for me. Cheers.