[SOLVED] ES:O wireless 360 gamepad not recognized

My wireless 360 gamepad is recognized in all the Wine games I’ve tried thus far, but not Elder Scrolls Online. Not sure why. I have tried the native xpad drivers and xboxdrv.

I have tried moving the “Path to executable for x360ce support” choice around, but ES:O is kind of a mess for file structure. I’ve tried the parent folder, the Launcher folder, The Elder Scrolls Online folder, etc.
I’ve also tried various combinations of checking/unchecking the dinput/xinput/Dumb xinput buttons.

I know that I can use AntiMicro, but the native support for gamepad is much better than emulating m&k for this game. The entire UI is redesigned when you enable gamepad support in the game. I just can’t get ES:O to realize my gamepad is there.

Joypad should work out of the box with wine version 3.4 and higher. You can check with Skyrim, for example.

If not xdumbinputemu is the next preferred option, followed by x360ce, then sc-controller, then xboxdrv, then antimicro.

I figured it out. I needed to un-check all of the dinput/xinput boxes, and select xinput architecture as 64-bit.

It’s working right now with xpad driver.

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Not working for me StarWars X Wing Alliance. Not with all unchecked and any prefix (64 and 32). Should i use the winecfg to configure the xinput even if the dumbxinput is checked by lutris?

You might want to start your own thread. According to Steam, Star Wars X Wing Alliance only has partial controller support to begin with. This thread is specifically about Elder Scrolls Online, which has full 360 controller support.