[Solved] DXVK Elder Scrolls Online Not Supported DX Version


I recently needed to do a complete reinstall of my Linux-System. Sadly I deleted my Lutris Settings.

I managed to run Mass Effect: Andromeda with DXVK very easyly (Using cxf´s Installscript). But I don´t get ESO to work with DXVK. The Game tells me, that my DirectX version is not supported.

Any Hints on that?


I solved it by entering the Registrykeys again. Somehow they have been lost.

You don’t need the reg keys or Vulkan SDK anymore with Staging 3.5.

This means, it has been something else.
Oh damn. On my new install games do start but they crash after the beginning videos.

Need to have more time on that.

I installed Arch again (yesterday) bcuz I had trouble installing the nvidia-drivers.