[Solved] DXVK Divinity Original Sin 2 not starting


I messed up my Prefix a bit so I decided to create a new one. Since Lutris recent Update I don´t get DOS2 working anymore. (I think this has nothing to do with the Update!)
Could someone have a look at my Errormessages and tell me What to do?

The game starts but has a Blackscreen and the DOS2 Mousecursor and then nothing.

Im Using Manjaro Linux (So its basicly Arch)


I realised, that it tries to tell me, that In should install “libpng12.so.0libpng12.so.0” But is that the reason why its not starting. I have installed Libpng(32) and Libpng12(32).


Does this help at all?

I have the same issue you are having, but even doing the some of the same tweaks as the video, I just get the DOS2 cursor appear on my desktop.

Yesterday evening (now it´s in the morning : ) ) I saw this video.
I´m pretty sure that this game will be playable again, if we wait for a recent version of DXVK.
He is using r1196.e8ac81f/ from 06-Jun-2018 12:14. I didnt want to install this version manually. I was a bit short in time for the last few week, so I decided to play the First Divinity Original Sin in its native Linux version first and have another look at the second part later.

Edit: lol how that sounds: Short in time and play the first part… That games takes hours and hours and hours… :smiley:

0.54 has been released so you could give that a try, that way you won’t have to install that version manually, and 0.54 version is after that commit. Since I’m not getting a black screen I might have a slightly different issue.

today I gave it another try. I did somany things that I dont know what made the game running again. The last thing I´ve done, was changing the dxvk version to 0.51.
The installscript and the “how to install”- Video did not work.

I was browsing the manajro forums and if you are running a Nvidia gfx card there is a bug in the driver on manjaro stable which breaks dxvk atm. Try installing the nvidia driver on the unstable branch. Wow woudnt launch for me saying my 3d accelerator was incompatible and would just crash out.