[ Solved] Dungeon Siege (original) - no audio output

Hi folks, first post as I’m a Lutris newbie.

Installed Dungeon Siege (original) recently and while audio is working on my system there is no audio from the game.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My system is using the Phonon (Gstreamer) backend.

Under “Runner Options” in Lutris; ALSA, Pulse Audio and OSS only are listed.


I found that setting the profile to Analogue output for my card using PulseAudio volume control was the solution.

Edit 2:

To update, the above solution was temporary as Pulse Audio was not ‘remembering’ the profile change.

In order to make the change in profile permanent the following needed to be done.

  1. run ‘pacmd list-cards’ in the command line.

This provides a list of all cards on your system and supported profiles.

  1. add the appropriate entries at the end of '/etc/pulse/default.pa

In my case the following two lines were added.

set-card-profile 3 output:analog-surround-51+input:analog-stereo
set-default-sink 3

where ‘3’ represents the ‘index number’ of the card and output:… the required profile.