[SOLVED] diablo 2 resurrected and VKD3D version

At some point while trying to deal with the “battle.net won’t upgrade” problem I broke my install of D2R.

I went to the Lutris website and installed the config (over an existing battle.net install).

It turns out the config as loaded from the website is broken. I’m not sure how the versions of the dependencies (DXVK, VKD3D, etc…) are set but it seems to have picked the latest and greatest.

When I look at the installer script i don’t see any specific version selected.

Somewhere (and I can’t find the link now) I thought I saw someone post about the version 2.9 of VKD3D being bad, and to use v2.8.

I simply selected v2.8 and the game is running perfectly again (somehow this also fixed a “can’t initialize graphics device” problem I was seeing).

Just posting this info here as a PSA, because I’ve been trying to get it working all weekend and thought I might save someone else some trouble :smiley:

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2 things with this error aside from the Vulkan ICD Loader I mentioned on your other post: make sure you are running Lutris 0.5.13 and have the wine(lutris) ge 8-10 wine version installed. VKD3D 2.9 has a dll override for d3d12core.dll that is not added with older versions of lutris, causing it to fail. It is the most common sign that you are running an older version of Lutris. It can also manifest itself if the Vulkan ICD Loader field is not correctly configured.

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Got the new version installed.

What precisely is “wine(lutris) staging 8.10” is that the same thing as “wine staging 8.10” ?

I did downgrade the wine staging package to 8.10 but when I do that lutris does not seem to recognize it, it still claims I have 8.12 available.

Also lutris 0.5.13 has new behavior in that it now complains about my wine version not having fsync. Is an older version of wine staging really going to solve that problem ?

edit: as an update to this using proton-ge-8.12 fixes D2R issues and allows use of VKD3D 2.9

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