[Solved] D&D Neverwinter Directx Error

Hey there! I’ trying to run www.lutris.net/games/neverwinter with wine staging-2.3 and I also tried with witcher3, overwatch and 2.10 versions.
But I get the error message http://imgur.com/a/YO1rB
I suppose it is because of im using directx9. But I don’t know how to use directx10. Also I’m using Nvidia Geforce 930M. I’m using x86_64 versions of wine. I read that Neverwinter works only in 32bit wine so could that be it?
Can someone please help me?

Maybe try the registry recommended for The Witcher 3


@strider Uhm… I’m a total noob. I dont know how to try that registry can you tell me how?

Sure, save that in a file, right click the game and choose Wine Registry. In Regedit, select “Registry > import registry file”, select the file you created and you’re done!

I can’t thank you enough. It worked!!!