[SOLVED] Cursor disappears, Diablo 3, Mint 19

I am trying to run Diablo 3 in Mint 19 Cinnamon

Game runs AMAZING however after ~5 minutes gameplay, I experience a disappearing mouse cursor. if I alt-tab and tab back in, the cursor comes back UNTIL I hover over an item, then it immediately disappears again, rendering the game unplayable.

Tried several DXKV versions and Wine staging versions in the config.
Tried updating Nvidia drivers using latest 410 version from the Nvidia website (Still only installed 390, must be latest supporting version for my card??)
Tried Fullscreen and Windowed, no difference.

D3 64-bit
Lutris 0.4.23
Wine-staging 3.19 (HQ version, and esync version, same problem, 3.19 staging is systemwide)
DXKV 0.92 (tried a few others)
Linux Mint 19
Cinnamon 3.8.9
Kernel: 4.15.0-20-generic
980ti with nvidia-390 drivers (installing 410 still only installs 390, originally 370 with same problem)
4790k, 32gb ram

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!!!

Got it working. Solution was to enable the virtual desktop setting in config.