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[SOLVED] Change wine runner for GOG games

Hey guys, I installed 2 games from GOG (De Blob and De Blob 2). Now, if I change the runner by going to game > configure > runner, the games won’t launch.

I guess it makes sense, because I can see that the games are installed inside their own prefixes. So if I pick a different runner, wouldn’t that be a whole different prefix?

How does this work? How can I try different runners for games installed from GOG? What am I missing?

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SOLVED. I don’t know what I did wrong the first time around, but this morning, it worked.

In case anybody experiences anything similar, here’s what I did this morning:

  1. In the left sidebar, under “Runners”, select “Wine” and click the icon with the squares to manage versions
  2. Add another version, for instance, lutris-GE-Proton7-16 (might need Protonup-Qt to install this first)
  3. Head over to the game, right-click and select “Configure” > “Runner Options”
  4. Select runner and then launch the game
  5. Lutris will automatically switch over to the other runner

Hi Matt!
Maybe this helps in the future installs. I install games a little diferent and very big number of games works.
When you press + to add a game and go to add locally installed game
-. Then add name and runner for the game like wine
-. In Game Options Tab in wine prefix section I add a path to my game to folder be created like
~/Games/De_Blob_2 - everything else I leave blank
-. Under runner I have lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64 and Save it
-. Then I go down where arrow is for platform and i select wine configuration so that Lutris creates wine prefix for that game only. Sometimes you must press twice to open a wine config window [when I do install of a game I always open lutris with terminal to se processes to know is it stuck or have some error]
-. When wine config window opens under windows version I chose only Windows 7 for older games and Windows 10 for newer games.
-. The next is Libraries Tab - now for me this is the most important part of configuration. Here i choose overrides and I choose d3d10, d3d10_1, d3d10core, d3d11 and d3d9. If it needs vulkan then d3d12.
-. Now after I added overrides then you select one by one and press edit on the right and chose native only.
-. Then click apply and ok.
Now I go back to the arrow and choose Run EXE inside wine prefix and it will open installaton window of the game where you uncheck create game icon and Add a game to the system tray, don’t click on anything else but install the game.
-. When game is installed exit and go to your game in lutris and right muse click and choose Configure and under Game Options Tab, under Executable you browse where executable is.

And thats it…sometimes you have to go for winetricks to add some dlls but most of the time it work like a charm after pressing Play.
Terminal is very important becouse in it you see what game miss to be played

Hope this helps

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Hey @axillios, this is very valuable information for me as a noob! :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to respond in such great detail.

Just wondering, is this only for games that you have installers for, like you own them on DVD or some such, or does this also apply to games from Steam, GOG, Origin, …? It seems Lutris has its own routines/scripts for installing those and I’m not sure how one would “override” those with the routine you outline above.

No problem, glad I can help.
You can use it for DVD too you just have to add a path to executable on your media DVD instead for game folder installed on your HDD and you have to mount game DVD before you play.

I use that configuration on all my games. That is for Steam, GOG Origin…

I dont use scripts from Lutris website but I do installation path as I described. Many times they are old and dont work properly…I use Winetricks for adding Physics vcrun, missing fonts, dlls, decompailers_43

That leaves me a bit confused about this part though (note I’m on the road right now and my PC with Lutris is at home, so I actually haven’t had the chance yet to try your steps ;-)):

At this point in the process, won’t I still have to manually select an EXE to run? If it’s a Steam or GOG game, where would I find that EXE? Or am I misunderstanding this step?

Yes you must select exe file manually to run. This goes for GOG games and DVD games.
When you download game from GOG you have 1 exe file and others are bin files.
For steam you can change overrides but mostly it pulls libraries from Steam.
For Steam you can scan games by entering your username and password and Lutris will scan your library of Steam games.
If you want to add specific game you must choose Steam for runner and in options you add game ID that you can find when you open a game on website like Pre-purchase Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II on Steam where 1938090 is a game ID.
For a path to game you can open it using Steam and select Browse files for a game and you can copy paste path in lutris.

Thanks! Awesome! I tinkered around with all this today and it all makes sense.

No problem
Happy to help :smiley:

Sorry I had to add this quote because this way of installation is for native game install using file.
When you run EXE inside wine prefix and installation window of the game appear DON’T choose installation path, I forgot we talk about windows game let it as it is, just uncheck create game icon and that game be added to system tray.

You choose installation path only when you install native Linux game using file.

I edited post and corrected the line