[SOLVED] Can't run Fallout 4 already installed in windows partition

Hi! I can’t seem to be able to work already installed Fallout 4 exe

I have setup lutris game entry with lutris-7.2.2-x86_64 and ran winetricks on the wineprefix /media/martinb/SSD1TB/juegos/Fallout 4/.wine to install vcrun2019 and d3dx9 with this coommand
env WINEPREFIX=“/media/martinb/SSD1TB/juegos/Fallout 4/.wine” ./winetricks --force d3dx9

Tanks in advise!

Just to mention that I’ve solved the issue, from lutris game entry, I changed the executabe path to run the installer of VC++ 2012 Runtime (x86 and x64, just in case) and DX Jun 2010, after that, the game launched just fine