[Solved] Can't install Battle.net with Lutris as part of the Overwatch install

Hey guys! I hope you can help me, as I’ve been going through dozens of tutorials, guides, forums and articles, but to no avail. No matter what I try, I still end up getting the “Game executable not found” error, even though my drive is ext4.

I’m trying to install Overwatch through Lutris, have met all the other criteria and dependencies, but as it needs to install Battle.net, it freezes at about 40%, saying to “Try again later”, although I’m sure it’s an issue on my end.

Here are a few screenshots of the errors I took, if you guys could spare a few minutes to throw an eye on them, maybe you know the solution! I’d appreciate it greatly, and thank you so much in advance!

!!!SOLVED through the easiest solution ever - had to just reboot -.- Leaving it here if anyone ever has the same issue again, hopefully they’ll see it.