[SOLVED] Borderlands 3: lowlevelfatalerror opengl rhi doesnt support

A good day to you all and happy holidays!

Borderlands3 will not go past the splash screen. See attached image. something about RHI not supportting shaders creation.

Has anyone had and fixed this probem ?

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I too am having this problem.

It’s curious it only happens on my PC, and not on my laptop using Nvidia-prime package from official repo.

@twoleftfeet90, is your mobo an ASUS by any chance?

I’m running a GIgabyte mobo, and an Nvidia graphics card.

I’m also running this game through Lutris using the Epic Games store Installer.

I did find a solution to the problem though - it was pretty simple in my case. Maybe it’ll help with yours. Just change the windows version in winecfg to Windows 10.

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@twoleftfeet90, that totally works!

thanks man, i have been banging my head against the wall on this for a few weeks now.

much appreciated!!

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