[SOLVED] BorderLands 3, AI communications not showing

A good day to you all!

I am running on archlinux + lutris + epic games launcher/store

When the AI speaks to you (or at least on BorderLands 2 it was an AI, here on BorderLands 3 seems to be lilith ?, anyways) you usually see the face of the AI speaking to you in the upper part of your screen.

In my case, i can hear the dialogue, but i cant see anything at all. Some time after the dialogue finishes i see a black patch for a few seconds where i was supposed to see the AI face.

Does anyone experience the same issue ?

ANy possible fixes ?

You need to have the Media Foundation libraries in your Wine prefix for those animations to work correctly. I think there may be some places where that prevents progress if you don’t have it too.

git clone https://github.com/z0z0z/mf-install.git
git clone https://github.com/z0z0z/mf-installcab.git

cd mf-install
WINEPREFIX="/full/path/to/the/wine/prefix" ./install-mf.sh

cd …/mf-installcab
WINEPREFIX="/full/path/to/the/wine/prefix" ./install-mf-64.sh

P.S. This silly forum script is inserting a third dot in my command. I simply mean for you to go up one level to mf-installcab to run the second command.


Yes, that actually works.

Thanks a lot mate! have a great weekend!!