[SOLVED] Borderlands 2 on EpicGames launcher

A good day to you all!

I am trying to run borderlands 2 from epic games launcher on ArchLinux

Using epic games launcher: When trying to run borderlands 2, you can see the cloud sync labels popping up as well as the running label, but then nothing happens, the game will not run

Borderlands 3 works great, its just borderlands 2 acting up.

Anyone has experienced the same problem ? any available fix perhaps ?

Below are the related log files.




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Doesn’t Borderlands 2 run on Linux natively?

It does, but my wife is on windows, and since the online cooperation feature between windows and linux is currently broken, my next option is to try to have it working on a wine environment.

Any suggestions?


On /home/user/Games/epic-games-store/drive_c/Program Files/Epic Games/Borderlands2/Binaries/Win32 path, rename Launcher.exe to Launcher.exe.bkp, and Borderlands2.exe to Launcher.exe.

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@OsamaBinlada it works!

Thank you very much for sharing!

Ill go play with the wife now!, have an excellent week!

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