[SOLVED]Black Mesa Legacy (free legal non Steam version) + Source SDK

Hi, i’m running this game with Source SDK but is needed to add “-game BMS” as startup option for Source SDK in steam client. My question is why “-game BMS” option added as a parameter for application 218 witch is Source SDK is not working. Am I missing something? it seems the position “Arguments” is only a parameter for Steam not for App (as description says). So is possible to add parameters to App?. Thanks for any advice.

running Source SDK without Arguments but in that way as application:
218//-game BMS
After the game is started is needed to accept running SDK with additional parameters.

SOLUTION for lutris
As argument for steeam application 218 (Source SDK 2007)
-game BMS
and put downloaded game into …Source SDK Base 2017/BMS

Sadly after restarting Lutris Black mesa Legacy is marked as uninstalled. Is this because of some kind of valitation data given as steam application:
218//-game BMS instead of only 218?