[Solved] Battlefield V has terrible FPS compared to Windows

SOLVED: Had to use Lutris WINE instead of system 6.8 WINE staging. Works as good as Windows now

Hey, I really want to get Battlefield V running well on Linux, but so far it’s a terrible experience in terms of FPS. Stutters around a lot, frame drops everywhere. On Windows it’s a lot better with that. I’ve no idea what to do, hoping you guys can suggest something. Really don’t want to get Windows for this. I run the game using Lutris and using the system WINE staging 6.8 instead of the Lutris thingy. I know that FPS getting better as the game runs longer is a standard Battlefield V quirk, but it doesn’t seem to improve that much when you compare it to Windows. It’s still all over the place.


Distro: openSUSE Tumbleweed

CPU: Intel i5-7500 3.8GHz

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660ti, driver version is 460.73.01

RAM: 16GB (2x8GB)

Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma

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