[SOLVED] Battle.net crashes after login with unexpected error

I installed Overwatch (WineD3D and DXVK version have the same effect) however after logging in the Blizzard app crashes with an ‘unexpected error’ popup.
Installing Battle.net by itself has exactly the same result.
Setting the Wine version to System (3.17 Staging) leaves a wine process running with neither the error message not the launcher showing up.

I’m having the same issue. Completely clean Arch Linux install, followed all directions in the Github wiki

EDIT: Figured it out, I feel like a moron: I was missing the 32-bit pulseaudio drivers

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…I know the feeling
installed lib32-libpulse and lib32-alsa-plugins (on Arch). Also deleted the drive_c/ProgramData/Battle.net directory.
Works like a horse now
Thank you tovarish :3

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