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[Solved] can't install any games, stuck on loading screen


So this is my first time using Lutris and I am trying to install World of Warcraft.

I am at the stage where I have the application running perfectly, but because I have not yet purchased the game, I must click “try for free”. This brings up the Window loading, and seems to be stuck loading with no message.

I will attach a picture to show you.

Does anyone know or can think of a way around this other than buying it so that the basic “install” button is there?


I have recently added World of Warcraft to my account and the same thing happens after clicking the “install” button, stuck on the same blank loading screen. I can’t understand why this is happening, usually at this stage it simply tells you the amount of space needed and starts installing.


I just have the same exact Problem. I made a thread on /r/linux_gaming (with no response yet) maybe someone will help over there


Ah well at least we are not alone with this, let me know if you find a fix dude


Well i tried installing Heartstone from a different prefix and i get the same Problem :confused:


i just got it running. Installing the video-vesa driver at the manjaro Settings fixed the Problem


Still having the same issue, tried with Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Antergos(Arch)


Still stuck with this error anyone else experienced this?


I had the exact same problem, closing everything blizzard related and deleting C:/ProgramData/ solved it. This is the forum [Solved] Error in

Let me know if it fixes your problem.


Well I have just fixed the issue but because I did a couple of things I’m not sure which one fixed it, firstly I set the OS in wine config to Win2008 r2, then I used winetricks to install IE8 and Vc run 2015 components then I switched launcher to rather than launcher and I’m now downloading woohoo!!


This worked for me on the same problem.


It worked like a charm, thx !


Worked for me too… !!! Thanks alot!

BTW, When you cannot find C:/ProgramData , then find it in /USERNAME/Games/World-of-warcraft/drive_c/ProgramData not in /home/Username/.wine/Drive_C

Have good day :wink: