[SOLVED][Arch] Overwatch mouse looks up

I originally had the fast spinning problem so I made sure that my aspect ration was set correctly. I am running 2560x1080 so I set it to 21:9 and the spinning stopped. Now my character slowly looks straight up no matter how often I correct it.

I did a “sudo killall Agent.exe Battle.net.exe” in the console like I read somewhere else and it still does it. I don’t have steam running in the background nor have I ever had a controller connected.

I’ve looked around and have not been successful finding any other solutions. Other than slowly looking straight up all the time the game is running great lol.

*As an update I have noticed that If I am in Windowed mode the character will keep slowly turning left but in Borderless Windowed mode they also slowly look up. The game resolution is hard locked so I cannot changed it in settings but if I force a different resolution for a smaller windowed mode I just get the fast spinning again.

Your problem still has to do with Resolution / Aspect Ratio, just in a different direction. Overwatch doesn’t like Widescreen resolutions. (And you actually get a lower FoV when you use one).

What you could try is using a virtual desktop in Wine, set it to 1920x1080, and 16x9. Or use wmctrl or devilspie to for a size / AR where your camera does not spin.

Virtual Desktop did the trick. I set it to 1920x1080,16x9, and it’s all good now. First time in Lutris and it’s been working great. Thanks for the help.