[SOLVED] Annoying clicking sound in Overwatch

The instant I press play and the game opens, a clicking sound starts in the background. It only goes away if I mute the whole system sound, the ingame sound options do nothing. It’s very annoying. Also, it only clicks in the left channel.

I’m using the DXVK installer.

Edit: It doesn’t click only in the left channel, when I messed with the device output in the Overwatch options, it started clicking in both channels.

Let me guess: Arch? Downgrade OpenAl.

That did the trick.

Hi Dox, do you have more information regarding this issue? Is it an openal problem or something else? (maybe a problem with a package that makes use of openal)

I say this in order to place a bug report somewhere as I couldn’t find a reference in any of these places:

  1. The arch openal package: https://bugs.archlinux.org/?project=1&string=openal
  2. The openal github issue tracker: https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft/issues


It is already fixed. Either get it OpenAl-git or wait for it to land.


As a reference, for anyone else with this issue on Arch, these are the four options you have:

(29 Sep 2018) UPDATE: Even if openal 1.19.1 has not been released yet, I have sent a patch to Arch, which now ships version “1.19.0-2” . That “-2” at the end means this issue is fixed and nothing else is needed to be done except for “sudo pacman -Syu”. Great! :slight_smile:

  1. Wait for a new release of “openal”. As Dox said in the previous commit, this issue has already been fixed in git (more precisely, here: https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft/commit/8bacb5dfb8ef910586fcf5b5cd89526ec81061e8) so it will be included in the next release (1.19.1). However you might have to wait months before this happens if the release cycle of this library keeps its current pace.

  2. Downgrade the “openal” package to the previous version. This is done in two steps:
    2.1. Run: sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/openal-1.18.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
    2.2. Edit file “/etc/pacman.conf” to add this line: IgnorePkg=openal. (If you don’t do this, the next time you run “pacman -Syu”, you will be back to 1.19.0 version, where the issue happens).
    2.3. Once open version 1.19.1 is released, don’t forget to remove that line from “/etc/pacman.conf” and run sudo pacman -Syu.
    2.4. Remember that this solution has one drawback: you are manually freezing a package version and (while unlikely) that might affect some other packages (that depend on it) it the future.

  3. The third option (“using the openal-git package”) unfortunately does not work, as this package was last updated in 2017… so it doesn’t really track the latest version.

  4. The fourth option is to compile the latest openal git version yourself, place the resulting “libopenal.so.1.19.0” file on some folder, and modify the Overwatch launcher options to make use of this new library (this way you don’t mess with the rest of the system as in (3)). This is done like this:
    4.1. First, download the latest version of openal from its git repository and build it (see [1] below).
    4.2. This will generate a file called “libopenal.so.1.19.0” you need to copy it to some fixed placed (example: to your $HOME folder), like this: cp libopenal.so.1.19.0 $HOME
    NOTE: I have already precompiled this file and uploaded it here (https://we.tl/t-zgLQFnnCVT) but you should never trust binaries from an internet stranger, so if I were you I would compile it myself.
    4.3. Finally, inside Lutris, right click on Overwatch and select “Configure --> System options --> Environment variables” and add a new one with name “LD_PRELOAD” and value “$HOME/libopenal.so.1.19.0
    4.4. That’s all. Now simply remember to remove this variable from the launcher options once the openal version 1.19.1 is released (as our change won’t be needed anymore).

I’m personally using alternative (4) as it keeps the rest of the Arch system “unaffected” by this.

[1] - How to download and build openal

$ cd /tmp && git clone https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft.git
$ cd openal-soft/build && cmake .. && make -j9
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