[Solved]Allow for the creation of Symlinks to important files in Install Scripts

So, I’m not crazy about files being randomly moved/copied to new directories, especially when I can just link the necessary files myself. This is a problem for some runners like ZDoom, where there are not a few install scripts which copy a directory from Steam or GOG or wherever, and place them in a new directory. Now, yes, in the case of ZDoom, the file sizes are basically nothing, but file size has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, especially if you download/play a lot of modded content, or you have things placed in specific drives for specific reasons. It’s possible to delete the copy and route the Lutris config to use the original file instead, but then Lutris no longer recognizes that game as being installed under that runner. This makes it all the more aggravating when you try to install something with a dependency that you know is installed but Lutris no longer recognizes that it is.

So, for the sake of convenience, please allow us to make/fork install scripts that reference the needed files with system links instead of just copying identical files to multiple new directories. Thank you.

…I feel like an idiot, but I figured out how Lutris actually already allows for this without needing to create symlinks.

The installer itself just has to specify the files as variables and then mark them in the files section of the install script. Then it just needs to be set to not merging all the files, and the Lutris runtime takes care of the rest.

I still feel this would be a handy feature to include, so that if someone needs to tweak files manually they can easily see all the files by going to the game directory, but I’ll mark this as “solved” all the same… whatever that word means in this context…