SOLVED After Installing God Of War // error messege// you need windows 10

I have Install God of War and it installed through winetricks But I ran the game through Lutris
just when the game wants to start it says
// you need windows 10 //

This Happened with running Lutris or running the game in wine

Thank you

You know, I think I bloody had system winetricks switch out a prefix to Windows 7 on me the other night after installing vcrun2019. I wasn’t sure if that’s what did it, but it seems so. (I upgraded my winetricks from upstream and it’s not doing that anymore, in any case)

Try going to “Wine Configuration” (winecfg) and changing the wine prefix to Windows 10.

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Thank you soooooooooooooo much
you are the best

It worked :v: :+1: :handshake: :v: