[SOLVED] Access wine steam client

Ok so sometimes i want to access my wine steam client while playing game, it’s there on my tray but no way i can open it up. Any ideas aside from making my games run in virtuald desktop or closing game and launching new one with virtual desktop ?

Seems like every time i want to launch another game it closes previous one ;/ guessing it’s related to different wine versions/runners.

right click on the WineSteam runner in the lutris sidebar, and select Run to start it. it will then live in your systray like (or even next to if running) your native steam (though usually with a different colored icon, so you can even tell them apart)

exactly, you can’t have different wine versions running, so you should for best compatibility and adherence to your settings just run the games from lutris, or if it works for you (and the runner based default settings) do the thing above and then run them from steam.

why would you want to run multiple steam games at once anyway? actually it might even be steam trying to prevent you from doing that so you don’t run an unlicensed arcade or something

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Thanks a lot :DDD this is what i needed.

And nah been running multiple games at once many times on win… my limit(multitasking) is playing 4 games at once :wink: So long as it’s on same launcher/session ;D

just be advised it might be less stable that way because you are essentially circumventing any game specific settings you made in lutris (such as wine version etc)