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Solution for [Steam stuck at Loading/Upgrading] + [Elder Scrolls Launcher stuck at Loading] + possibly many others


Ok so this might not be the right place to put it as it is Wine related and not Lutris per se, but I found numerous cases where people had these issues and I looked everywhere for a solution as I had the problem too.

I’m currently using Slackware64 14.2 and whenever I try to install a Steam game or The Elder Scrolls Online, they always get stuck, and never load or take a very very long time and this happened on other distros too as per my research done. When using my Arch installation though this never happens, and both Steam and the ESO launcher, launch just fine. Dependencies where all met in both installations. So I decided to use tcpdump and wireshark to solve this problem once and for all and get back to my favorite distro.

If this happened to you, it is most likely that the DNS query sent by the client never actually resolves to the proper server IP, therefore the client never actually connects to the server or takes a very long time to resolve. The first DNS query is in fact wpad.yourdomain in my case, followed by and Now I’m a total noob in networking so I have no idea why this was happening, and if someone with experience can either elaborate on this, it would be very helpful for the community.

The solution I found was to open the Control Panel in \windows\syswow64\control.exe and \windows\system32\control.exe of the Steam prefix (or whichever launcher is having this problem like ESO launcher) and for both (might not be both necessary but just to be safe) do the following:

  1. Select Internet Options.
  2. Click Connections on the top panel.
  3. Enable the Proxy setting (tick).
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Disable the Proxy setting again (untick).
  6. Click Apply.

This did it for me as the DNS queries where all correct after in wireshark, but I would rather find out why the initial setting didn’t hold up in the first place and find a more obvious and clear solution.
Hope it helps if anybody has this annoying issue.

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