Solus Budgie: Keyboard does not provide any input to Skyrim Special Edition

Hello there,
I’m running Solus Budgie edition, and I’ve notice a weird issue which only affects this desktop. Basically, when I launch Skyrim SE, the game runs like a charm, but the keyboard inputs are not recognized by the game. I can alt+ctrl+arrows to move between desktops without a care in the world, but not a single key works in the game itself.

This issue is specific to Budgie, I have not experienced this in the MATE version of Solus. Could not test with the Gnome version of solus due to the display manager consistently crashing on startup.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea on what I can do to configure xinput/wine to see my keyboard, that would be great!

It’s a PS/2 keyboard from back in the day, my motherboard is a GA-MA970A-UD3 and IOMMU groups are enabled in the BIOS. (If that helps!)