Solidworks install with reg key file

Hi i’m trying to install solidworks onto my computer using lutris and I can’t seem to get the install script to do anything. my current goals for the install script are in order
run a .reg file to import multiple registry keys
extract a .zip for vba 7.1 to the cdrive in the wine prefix
run a command to recognize vba 7.1 as installed
then run the setup.exe

so far i’ve been breaking this down into sections and my current script from what i understand should be
running a .reg file
running the solidworks setup.exe

however whenever I run the script nothing seems to happen and the window where you choose what to do ie(install from media, install from script) doesn’t go away.

i’ve attached my current sw install yaml file

name: SolidWorks
game_slug: SolidWorks
version: Installer
slug: SolidWorks
runner: wine

    exe: $GAMEDIR/Solidworks
    prefix: $GAMEDIR/prefix
    arch: win64
    working_dir: $GAMEDIR/prefix
  - installer: "N/A:Select the game's setup file"
  - myregfile: "N/A:Select the reg file"
  - task:
     name: set_regedit_file
     filename: myregfile
  - task:
      executable: installer
      name: wineexec
      prefix: $GAMEDIR/prefix
    Desktop: true
      ddraw.dll: n
      SOMEENV: true
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