Skyrim Wagon Bug


I have a problem with TESV: Skyrim:
I installed it via striders Steam installer on Lutris and have the wagon bug (no voices and at the Ende the wagon is standing there forever like in this video:
I tried some of the fixes like editing the ini files and capping to 60 FPS (Physics bug) but I can’t force VSync in ubuntu…
Can anyone give me a workaround for Skyrim inside lutris?

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The sound bug I haven’t seen, but the FPS physics bug is sadly a thing…
There are a few potential fixes though. libstrange might work, for instance?

One other way to deal with the fps bug is to use a mod that adds vsync, but I do not remember what the name of that was.

I don’t know how to add libstrange.
I also wnated to access the steam workshop but winesteam seems to have a problem with this.
But the game does work for you others, right?

i’ve seen the sound bug a lot (and the wagon not letting you do your stuff actually is because the script freezes when not able to play the sounds), but sadly i’m not a 100% sure how to fix it anymore.

as far as i remember installing xact using winetricks did it for me though, as does making sure you have the proper libalsa/pulse for the used wine version’s architecture

This is actually a regression bug with Wine which was introduced in 3.6. I have a bug ticket open for it over on the WINE HQ bugzilla tracker here:

A possible workaround: install Xaudio2 if you don’t have it yet: ‘winetricks xact’, then add the following override to winecfg’s libraries: xaudio2_6 (native,builtin).
Both music and NPC speech are audible with native xaudio2_6.dll.

On the Lutris client, right click on Skyrim and click “configure”. Go to the Libraries tab, and click the dropdown, look for “xaudio2_6”, then add that override. Click “edit” and set it to xaudio2_6 (native,builtin).

I completely forgot to update the wineappdb page with this information. I will submit a How-To over there. I have not tested this with the Lutris client yet, but will do so now. If this method works, I’ll see about adding a note on the Skyrim page here on Lutris. Haha I’ve been a wine gamer for a couple years now, but discovered Lutris only yesterday, so I’m still getting up to speed. Hope this works for you!

EDIT: upon testing this, I have not been able to get Skyrim to work with Lutris. The game actually refuses to launch. As far as I know, this is because of a regression in the new versions of Wine which don’t play nice with the Skyrim Launcher. That isn’t a Lutris problem, but a Wine problem as a whole.

I was able to get skyrim to launch (in a vanilla wine install without Lutris) by renaming the TSEV.exe to SkyrimLauncher.exe and then clicking the play button on steam. I will do some more testing this weekend. Ideally Wine 3.5 as a run option would be nice for this game.