Skyrim special edition run notes, solutions

I have just installed Skyrim SE using Laegnur’s new script that uses DXVK. The game runs, which is awesome. But I had to do a few things to make it run.

First, I had to manually check Enable DXVK under the Runner options in Lutris.

Second, I had to use Wine configuration to manually force xaudio2_7 to be native. That means open Wine configuration, go to the Libraries tab, typg in xaudio2_7 into the New override for library: input box, and press Add. Then select it in the Existing overrides section, click on the Edit button, then select Native (Windows). Then click Ok on that window, Ok on the main window, and you’re set. Got the idea from here:

Is there any way to include those in the install script?

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The Xaudio thing is common in the bethesda engine. Winetricks used to install MS Xact (responsible for the xaudio and x3daudio) but recently it appears to be bugged with regards to 64 bit installations.

I used the cabextract method to extract the two xaudio files for Fallout 4 and set them to native, however I am unsure about how they could be added to an install script.
Obviously it would be fine if the script grabbed the relevant files from the “distribution” files in the steam install and added them from there. The files themselves however couldn’t be bundled with any installer/script as standalone due to their copyright nature (even though they are freely available as the DX package).

I haven’t got mine to work yet from the lutris install script sadly. Nor have I figured out how to run winecfg from Lutris if that’s even possible. I was able to run windows steam in my 64 bit linux mint distro. Inside that I can actually launch skyrim SE. However there is no music and no voice, but there are sound effects and the video is a little wonky. I don’t think the shaders are right.