Skyrim SE Modding and Tools

First of all, thank you to Lutris and the people on this forum for helping me to use my Operating System of choice GNU/Linux and enjoy the games I love!

I have been tirelessly working to replicate my old Windows modded Skyrim SE setup on Linux with some success, but I cannot seem to manage the load order the load order properly of get past some file system errors like “GetLongPathNameW” which appears to make Vortex unable to see some game files.

I also want to share what is working, namely, skse64. I’m using the recompiled version and ProtonGE from here.

Seem like there are a lot of pieces of info available regarding sucessfully modding Skyrim on Linux, I want to try and make some sort of a living guide to keep updated as this evolves because the modding scene is always changing, making it tough to keep a build working unless you keep it static.


Using the recompiled SKSE64 and ProtonGE6.1 I’ve got Skyrim SE running smooth with about 50 mods, SkyUi also works now. Only thing I haven’t been able to do is get ENBSeries shaders and winedlloverides going. I’ve jacked up my Skyrim install so many times trying to get ENB working that I am going to try Reshade now instead. Honestly I don’t even really understand the difference or wth I’m doing, but maybe I can learn something.

If anyone is having trouble getting to the point I’m at, let me know, either post reply or I can talk in Lutris liberachat, I can get skse64 and skyui, +mods, so far.