SkyRim Enderal

Has anyone had any joy getting installed?

I haven’t tried it with lutris till now but I used to get it running with just some version of wine and Standart Skyrim tweaks

Edit: This tutorial is now absolete since soon a steam port of enderal will be released where the installation and updateprocess is handled by steam and so all these steps are useless unless you can’t wait a few months/weeks until the steam port goes live

i finally got it can someeone make a installer after confirming my method?

  1. First install skyrim with lutris normally and start it once so steam can set up the dependencies and you can make sure skyrim runs

  2. drop the enderal launcher and the installationfile.gz in the skyrim folder usually located at home/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix64/drive_c/program files x86/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim

  3. set the lutris runner for skyrim to wine and set the executable to the enderal launcher, now you need to find a version of wine that doesn’t crash the launcher (for me 3.15 staging worked)

  4. install enderal with the launcher. it’s a little awkward but it’s not hard and i haven’t been able to do anything wrong except enderal not getting installed. if you need help there will be steps to install it at the bottom

5.if the launcher says no connection restart it and then download and install the updates. There will be an error but dont worry you can ignore that.

  1. probably optional: enable the esp files with the launcher but i’m not sure if that does anything since the launcher seems not to be able to save any settings

  2. try starting enderal through the launcher. if it doesn’t work like it did for me follow the next steps.

  3. set the executable to skse_loader.exe inside the skyrim folder and try out different versions of wine (for me 3.1 and 3.12 work)

  4. winesteam needs to be running sometimes the runner opens it but mostly it just crashes it

  5. after that on first startup you will get the skyrim setup menu (that one with the options and so on) just start the game without touching anything. if it does not open in fullscreen just close skyrim and reopen it and this time you won’t get the skyrim menu instead the game should start emideatly. (after every power cycle of the pc aka turning it off and back on or rebooting you will get the skyrim menu once but you can just close it and on the following tries enderal should just automatically start)

  6. if you see the custom main menu it worked and you can play enderal

with this method you are not using the launcher which means to check on updates you will have to change the wine version and open the launcher but that doesn’t matter because it’s curently on their last version before the release of the forgotten stories dlc so there will be no updates until at least late 2018/ early-mid 2019

if you can’t get it installed here is what i do

  1. open the launcher

  2. close all the pop ups and click on install enderal

  3. there should be tabs and you should be on tab i1 (probably installation 1) but it’s empty. just click on another tab and back on i1 and then on i1 follow the instruction

  4. after i1 you will be faced with some strangeness just click on the very right tab that should have apeared after finishing tab i1

  5. after each tab just click on the last one again and so you install enderal with this completely strange weirdness

sorry for my bad english i hope these steps also work for you

until enjoy