SKSE Skyrim Randomly Crashing

I installed SKSE through Lutris (this installer) and so far the game launches fine but after a few minutes of playing freezes up. I’ve turned the graphics all the way down, set -no-cef-sandbox in the arguments (in an attempt to get the community or store pages to load, didn’t work), and tried adding an argument for it to cd to the directory before launching (on the recommendation of thread with a similar problem) but it’s still crashing usually when I try to open a chest or barrel or something like that.
I don’t know if its useful but here is the last game log Lutris gives me for it. I can’t make any sense of it but the only logs I’m used to figuring out are minecraft ones which are rather different. (Log)

try running with wine debugging enabled and post the log from that, the log you’ve got actually doesn’t show any error message.

also afaik SKSE itself puts a log file into the skyrim folder (next to the skse.exe), maybe show us that too.

I already did a bunch of skyrim wine installs (both with and ahem without steam) but not using lutris yet, but I’m rather sure your problem isn’t actually on the lutris side of things, rather on the wine or application side, so with those log files I might be able to help you a bit :slight_smile:

Sorry for the probably dumb question, but how do I enable wine debugging and where does it put the log file? I also looked in all the Skyrim folders I could find whether they had the skse.exe or not but couldn’t find any log files for it.

wine debugging can be enabled by:

  1. right click on the game in lutris -> Configure
  2. Tab Runner Options
  3. check [x] Show crash dialogs (about 3 quarters down in the dialog)
  4. select Output debugging info: [Enabled] in the dropdown right below that (Full gives even more info but all the output generated by that will slow down everything to a stutter and is mostly not required anyway, so use Enabled first, we’ll see if we really need more)
  5. Tab System Options
  6. check [x] Run in a terminal (but I guess you already had that to get to the log you already posted)
  7. just save the settings and run

the skse log file was in the skyrim folder before but because that caused some trouble (recent windows versions preventing unprivileged write access to Program Files) it appears to have been moved to <My Documents>\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\ (according to the current skse readme at least).
My Documents might be either inside your wineprefix or your linux home directory or actually a symlink to ~/Documents etc, depending on the wine config used.
Check for $wineprefix/drive_c/users/$USER/My\ Documents/, that should either be the right folder itself or the symlink to the correct one.

then ideally after the next crash, paste the SKSE log file, the full output in the terminal and a screenshot of any crash dialog that might appear, and we should have plenty information to work on further :slight_smile: