Skryim custom install

For Skyrim or SkyrimSE, how would I install using the locally backed up game data, instead of Lutris downloading the GBs of data again - not that I can get the DXVK installer for SE to work at ALL (initializes the install, asks me to choose DXVK (which is the only option), click next to install, says it’s complete 5s later, but with no file data in the install path (browse files gives an error saying no folder) and no errors.

Is it a Standalone install or steam?

Do you have Wine installed system-wide?

You should be able to copy+paste your downloaded Skyrim into the newly created folder and it should recognize acordingly. I did it with a lot of Steam games I had downloaded previously. Got their folder and extracted to the wineprefix’s steam/steamapps/common and Steam found the game and didn’t download again.

Steam version. While I do have an installed windows OS installed version I could copy over, I was hoping for a way to get Lutris to install from a custom path. I guess I could just use Lutris to install steam, then copy, but then I might not have the correct settings in Lutris for Skyrim.

Iis i not possible to use winesteam to restore (File – Backup/Restore )the game?
I just did that with Project Cars 2

The process is as follow.

Install Lutris and WineHQ staging.

Go the Lutris Skyrim install script page and press install. It should take care of installing steam, first. Steam may open in the end and ask your login/password. When you enter steam you’ll be able to download Skyrim. When it starts, close everything Steam has opened, right click on Skyrim on Lutris and click on Browse files. Go to drive_c/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common and overwrite the Skyrim folder that should be there with your windows install.

You may want to install WineSteam first by pressing the manage runners button on Lutris and installing it right under Wine in the menu. THEN you may go to the said page and click “install”. I think Winesteam scripts work better if you already have Winesteam existing and working on Lutris.