Sims collection won’t install on steam deck

Hello all, first time poster, I’m desperate and hopefully I can get some insight here

I’m trying to install the sims 1 collection, I use a steam deck, I run the installation yesterday and did great I played for about 2 hours and then I had to uninstall due to a mistake in the game, but I couldn’t manage to install again, I follow all the steps and once I choose the Setup.exe script lutris seems to create the folder and install some files but it gives a “setup might not have been completed” message (and it won’t even show up the install window for the game where you put the serial and stuff) I have tried choosing different times all available versions on theand still nothing

I’m trying to pull a log of the error and maybe get insight from it but I can’t seem to find one

Can someone please help me? These are some pictures I could take but they’re terrible

Ad Sims setup exe to steam. Go to porberties and change the startoption to proton. Than start installing