Sims 4 Studio?

I have some CAS CC that doesn’t actually work but I don’t know what the file names are. Every suggestion I can find (that doesn’t involve going through my rather massive CAS stuff folder bit by bit) says to look through them in Sims 4 Studio but I can’t find anything about getting it running on Linux. I tried installing it into the same thing-I-can’t-recall’s-name as the Sims 4 install I use and it runs through the installer fine but doesn’t seem to actually create any folders or files when it does and checking to open Sims 4 Studio when it finishes the install doesn’t do anything either.
I have so much CAS stuff I’d really rather not go through it bit by bit but I’m also tired of using MCCC to blacklist every single bit of broken clothing/hair/shoes/etc whenever I happen to see them on random sims.

I miss the Sims 2 ability to see file names sometimes when you mouse over and especially the bit where you could delete it from inside the game.