Sims 4 Seasons Installed But Not?

Okay, so I did something dumb yesterday and ended up having to reinstall sims 4. I just finished getting that and all my CC reinstalled (same stuff I had with seasons day before yesterday). Now my sims is being weird.
Seasons is shown in the in-game menu coloured in and everything like its owned and installed, when I look at it in the origin menus it looks like its installed (no download/install button, ‘show in library’ option, etc) but it doesn’t show up in game.
Just to make things even weirder, if I try to run the ‘repair’ option in Origin, it doesn’t come up as one of the expansions being checked and the EP05 folder in program files is empty.
I don’t know where to go from here, is there a way to force it to repair or redownload seasons or something when I don’t have a download button in Origin?