Sims 4 doesn't finish installing

Hello, I am new to Lutris and after a few days I managed to install and run Origin. The problem is when I try to install the Sims 4 it doesn’t finish installing. I have downloaded the game I bought on Origin and I thought it had installed but when I opened Lutris again only Origin was there and when I opened it it asked to download the game again, before I do it I wanted to make sure this time it works since it takes 5h+ to download…
this what lutris was saying over and over after it finished downloading the game the first time

00f2:fixme:netprofm:list_manager_GetConnectivity 00DC0508, 0156DB44
00c3:fixme:d3d11:d3d11_immediate_context_Flush iface 00C3025C stub!

can anyone help? I have ubuntu 19.10 on a hp laptop.