Sims 4 CC

I’m a fairly novice LInux user, so this might just be something I’m missing, but I’ve tried downloading CC and unzipping it into Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Mods but none of it is showing up in my game. Is there some sort of extra step or setting in Lutris I need to get the game to pull from this location? I’ve searched my computer and there doesn’t seem to be another similar folder lurking under a different file path that the game might be defaulting to.

I’ve already tried the standard mod debugs listed for the average Sims user.

Lutris doesn’t use your home directory’s Documents folder for Wine games. In order to add something to the game’s Mods folder you have to go to game-prefix/drive_c/users/(your user)/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods and place your files there. Once you do, it will pull them correctly.

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Thank you! This worked. I figured the issue was with the file path and I’d been digging through the games folder, but hadn’t hit upon this file path yet. Now the only question is why it didn’t show up when I ran a search on my computer. XD

That I can’t tell you, but this is how all Wine games work, including any Wine Steam games that don’t use cloud saving. All Wine related saved games, and game related locations that you would normally find in Windows will be found somewhere inside the game’s Wine prefix. :slight_smile:

This is one of my favorite things about Lutris. Every game has its own Wine prefix with its own Wine settings, Windows registry, and filesystem. You can change things for one game without touching the others, you can delete the whole game folder and start with fresh settings. And you can back up the game folder and get everything: the game files, settings, save files, etc. I sync my whole ~/Games folder with Nextcloud.

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I can’t exactly do that… My games library, before I started migrating to Linux was more than 3TB in size. With the added need for repeated installs of apps like Blizzard, Uplay, Origin, and Epic Games (one per related game), that makes my library in linux even larger, if I get them all to work.