Sims 3 Launcher (Origin Version) Crashes

I have installed Origin via Lutris and am having an issue where the Sims 3 Launcher crashes before it properly loads up.

I installed Origin via the Lutris script then used Origin to download Sims 3. The launcher consistently is on screen for a split second before disappearing.

I saw a post discussing this issue where it was recommended to install a 32 bit wine prefix. I looked up how do do that and followed instructions on the Ubuntu wiki. I am a bit new to this so please excuse me if I missed something, but I’ve been hunting for a solution online and so far have had no luck.

I am running Mint 20 on Cinnamon (its nearly default as I only recently installed, and mostly have wine and wine add ons installed), and this is the results of the submit issue, lutris -d, and logs in one paste:

Thank you! I appreciate any input.

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Hi! I was having a really similar problem and this video fixed it! Basically, there’s a script you run that does the update. let me know if this works!

I have the same problem and the video dont helped at all