Sims 2 4GB Patch and Support?

I’m trying to use the 4GB patch for Sims 2 and I’m getting an error where it just can’t find the .exe. I don’t know how to fix it and the description on the game page says to contact @TanisRoot on the 'Linux Gamers Group server but I don’t know what that is? Is it a discord or forum or something? Could someone give me a link (or just tell me how to get the 4GB patch to work, that would also work).

In short - re-read what the actual listing states.

Yes, I have done, thanks.
I’m having trouble with stability so I am trying to use the patcher. When I run it per the instructions on the ntcore website, I get an error saying it cannot locate the .exe to patch it hence my trying to figure out if a) someone here is familiar with that issue and knows how to fix it or b) knows what server is meant by the statement underneath that so I can ask @Tannis Root for more assistance.

@cyanidearsenic I have posted the link to the Linux gaming Discord server. I would just ask your question there.

Perfect, thank you!

What is the fix?

I’m afraid I don’t know. I’m still waiting on any answers unfortunately.