Silent install on Lutris' winetricks not working on KDE desktop?

I have installed both fresh Kubuntu (kde) and KDE neon distros. Somehow when I create a game prefix with Lutris and choose the components I need, I go through the constant “OK” confirmation pop up windows. By default “Disable silent install” is listed so pretty sure that means silent install is enabled. It normally is anyway, I know this. I not have a problem with Gnome desktop(mint) So i don’t know what gives. is this a KDE issue?

On KDE neon was running ubuntu 20.04 and Kubuntu kde is on ubuntu 22.04

The regular winetricks app for wine does work when selecting Enable silent install… I Know they’re separate but not sure what gives.
I’m stumped, any clues?

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If I may ask, why would you run two KDE distros on the same machine? Seems like it kind of defeats the purpose since I’m thinking one is Stable/LTS and one is Unstable/Cutting Edge (I believe the numbers explain this)?

With silent install I’ve had no luck with my games. That could be a me problem specifically . What’s the reason for needing silent install? Most everything you install that’s Windows software is going to give you a couple prompts. And why do you need to install through Lutris? I haven’t had an issue with wine-staging installing any game or even software (besides Adobe software) so I’ve only ever used an install script once or twice.

I also don’t like having multiple 3-4gb folders of wine prefixes. I go the simple route and just use ~/.wine as the prefix by default, lutris.fshack.7.1 as my wine version (seems to support the games I play better than 7.2 due to crashing on 7.2 on the main two I play) , enable DXVK and set a few system launch arguments and I haven’t had a problem launching anything. Perhaps try out installing natively through wine first then manually adding the game?

Oh also certain games don’t like the AMD-PRO proprietary driver if you have an AMD card try both the Mesa driver and PRO if you’re getting a crash or a no start.

I know this isn’t specific to silent install but it may help!

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to be brief in my post I see that didn’t make too much sense. Moving on from using Gnome/Cinnamon I decided to give KDE desktop environment a try. I do not have both installed, I briefly installed kde neon, did a few tests with Lutris and wine, and decided to stick with kubuntu for now.

I learned that I don’t have to select various versions of the same dxvk/vulkan libraries. It never hurt anything and so I thought it was fine. Turns out I don’t need so many. So I guess that is a solution to my problem.

Okay, I did not know that I could use the .wine prefix directory for a game while setting a wine runner fshack, protron etc. That is interesting, I knew Lutris uses wine dependencies I just did not think it could be used in this way. Thanks for the hint!

:edit; not gonna work… system likes for all of games to have their separate prefix apparently.